I really didn’t think I would have anything further to say about the Santa Muerte cult until after my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in October. Yet, here I am.

The reason why I am writing this is that I was recently visiting Philadelphia, the Italian Market area in South Philly to be exact, when I came across this Santa Muerte candle, more evidence of her ever- growing following in the United States.



I found the candle in a small Mexican bakery/grocery called Las Lomas. I had been looking for a purple Santa Muerte candle since that color candle is used in rituals for spiritual growth and awakening psychic powers (as well as for general health and healing). What better candle for a metaphysical/paranormal researcher, right?

In a hurry, I bought the candle and left the store, not realizing until later that the candle was not made of traditional wax but was a waxy gel that contained within it an effigy of La Flaca herself, Santa Muerte! I don’t know what the effigy is made of and so I don’t want to light the candle in case I melt her down, too.









It will be interesting to see how prevalent Santa Muerte is in Mexico during the Day of the Dead fiesta. I’ll keep you posted.

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