The Thai Ghost House 


So, now that I had purchased the amulet that was supposed to attract ghosts, and had already paid visits to both the ghost house on the Silpakorn University campus and the ghost village on the grounds of the Sanam Chan Palace, I was ready to test out the amulet.

Two nights before I left Thailand for home, I put the amulet in my pocket and stepped out into the dark, humid Thai night. It was late and there wasn’t a living soul around—I paused as I crossed the bridge over the canal to gaze into the dark waters to see if I could detect any of the dead souls Dr. Jundi had told me about. There were things that I could not recognize moving beneath the surface and I hoped they were only fish.

Dogs barked in the night as I continued my walk to Reun Prakumsakkee, the ghost house, the amulet weighing heavily in my pocket. Wrapped in complete darkness, the house was little more than a shadow to me. I walked cautiously through the high grass around the house, fearful of water monitors but even more fearful of cobras and pythons. I didn’t know if my amulet also had the ability to ward off dangerous snakes.

I wanted to climb up into the house but in the darkness I risked becoming a ghost myself if I had tried to negotiate the rotting wooden stairs, so I contented myself with getting as close to the house as I could and slowly circling it several times, listening, waiting. . .

I had my camera with me and I took several photos of the house, pointing the camera into the darkness, always surprised by what the flash illuminated. Things rustled in the grass and a night bird called from a tree. My camera flashed again and again.

After a few minutes, I felt a heaviness come over me and the sense that I was not alone. Perhaps, I was being watched by any one of the million Thai critters that come out at night, I don’t know. All I did know was that I was finished there and so, thanking the spirit of the house for his hospitality, I walked back to my quarters.

Eager to see my photos on the computer, I downloaded them right away. On at least one of them appeared a glowing white orb of light. Some paranormal investigators believe that such orbs are the spirit energy of ghosts. Those orbs may not be ghosts at all, of course; they may have rational explanations, but considering all that I knew about the house, and the rituals that had been conducted inside it, was it inconceivable that I had been visited by the ghosts of Reun Prakumsakkee?

What do you think?